A ‘ peaceful boere march’ is planned for October, 25, with members of the public from Cape Town, Worcester, Paarl and Somerset West starting the march from Parliament and ending at a farm in Paarl where a monument will be erected in remembrance of those killed on farms.

According to Valarie Byliefeld, one of the organisers, the march aims to send the message that “farmers lives matter.” This message is planned to be broadcast through speakers on the day who will be in attendance on the day, including Western Cape Provincial Minister for Agriculture Ivan Meyer and other stakeholders.

“Ivan Meyer will bring a message of hope to the people and thee farmers in South Africa,” Byliefeld told Cape Town ETC.

The organisers are expecting a large turnout. “It’s going to be big,” said Byliefeld, “I think it will be the the mother of all events.”

“Everybody should join in, farm workers especially, because it also involves the safety of our farm workers. They are also getting injured during these attacks” she said. “This is non-racial and it is apolitical, it’s for everybody.”

The farm where the monument will be erected and will be the end point of the march will be announced in the coming weeks.

Picture: @JackPosobiec/Twitter


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