A high speed chase in Umhlanga on Monday, October 26 ended in a surprising twist after a peacock was discovered in the getaway car.

“At approximately 7.30am this morning, members of our Umdloti UIP reported an attempted theft of a white Toyota Etios and that three suspects in a maroon Toyota Etios sedan managed to flee the scene,” reported Marshall Security on Facebook.

The vehicle was spotted in the Umhlanga, which is north of Durban, about 45 minutes later. The vehicle was leaving Umhlanga when an Armed Reaction Officer started following it and called in for back up from a Special Operations Team.

As they got onto Umhlanga Rocks Drive, the suspects realised that they were being followed and they sped up in an attempt to flee. A high speed chase followed and the suspects lost control of their vehicle opposite the BP petrol station on Umhlanga Rocks Drive and rolled until coming to a stop.

The suspects proceeded to flee on foot and members of Marshall Security’s Special Operations Team gave chase and apprehended the two suspects in a nearby property.

“Upon further investigation of the suspect’s vehicle, our team was surprised to come across a live Peacock in the boot. The Peacock was stolen earlier [on Monday] morning in the Malvern area,” said Marshall Security’s managing director, Tyron Powell.

“The Peacock, which appeared to be slightly injured, was carefully removed from the vehicle and handed over to local NPO Broken Wings for further care,” says Powell.

In an unrelated story, a police officer in the Philippines was killed by a rooster while attempting to break up an illegal cockfight on Monday.

Three people were arrested and three more suspects were identified at the illegal cockfight.

While confiscating the bird, Lieutenant Christian Bolok was struck in his femoral artery by the rooster’s gaff, a metal blade attached to the bird for a fight. He was rushed to hospital but pronounced dead on arrival due to heavy blood loss.

“I have a heavy heart as we have lost a brother who sacrificed his own life in the name of service,” said Northern Samar police provincial director Arnel Apud in a statement. “The (Philippine National Police) grieves the untimely death of Lt. Bolok and extends its deepest sympathy to his family and relatives.”

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