Motorists may be driving with a lighter heart come October. Mid-month fuel estimates predict another drop in fuel price thanks to positive trends in the global market.

Data published by the Central Energy Fund (CEF) estimate that the petrol 95 price could drop by 36 cents-per-litre in the new month, while petrol 93 could see a 26 cent decrease. Diesel users will save even more, as it is expected to lesson by 85 cents-per-litre for diesel 0.05% consumers and 87 cents-per-litre for diesel 0.005% users. Illuminating paraffin is also predicted to decrease by 82 cents.

These are mid-month estimates, and may change when the Department of Energy announces the official prices for October.

The drop in price is thanks to stabilising crude oil prices and the favourable global performance of the Rand, now trading at R16,61 to the US dollar.

Read the full report here: Daily 14-09-2020

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