Pit Pals, a popular Cape Town pet shelter that rescues and rehabilitates pit bulls and other power breeds, is at maximum capacity and has no more open kennels left. They cannot accept any more animals for rehabilitation and are in need of more locals to give their pets their forever homes.

In a Facebook post, the organisation explained that they have had to turn down rehoming requests because they simply have no space.

“WE ARE FULL as in at MAXIMUM capacity sadly and the dreaded December isn’t even here yet! We simply cannot take in any more rescues (unless adopted from us as they will always be our responsibility). The rescues already in our care HAVE to be our top priority, we cannot take in more than what we have space for!”

The organisation explains that it is “soul destroying” to say no, but they have to be realistic to care for the 50 dogs under their care, as well need enough money to pay their wages for their workers.

They urge the public to help out by sharing any posts advertising their rescues up for sale, and supporting their fundraisers.

“So please, when you see an UP FOR ADOPTION post… Hit share! In doing so you’ll not just be helping find that dog a forever home. You’d also be helping the next rescue needing a safe space,” they wrote. 

If you are in a position to donate, please visit the Pit Pals website HERE.

Picture: Pexels

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