Western Cape police are searching for a suspect that may be linked to the brutal murder of 22-year-old librarian Clodine Nuys. Her body was discovered tied up behind a crèche in the Groot Brak River area.

Nuys was reported to have made her way to the Jonkersberg Library, her place of work, at approximately 7am on Tuesday, February 11. Her family became suspicious when she did not return home that same afternoon as she usually did. When no one could find her, the matter was reported to the local police.

“At about 6.50pm [on Tuesday], members of the search party made the gruesome discovery of her lifeless body, laying at the back of the local crèche,” said Captain Malcolm Pojie, a representative of the Southern Coast police.

Clodine Nuts was found brutally murdered behind the local créche (Source: Clodine Nuys/Facebook)

Nuys’ hands and feet were found bound with tape, while a cable tie was found around her neck. Her cellphone and keys to the library were also reported missing.

According to Pojie, no motive has yet been determined for the gruesome crime. Forensic experts and investigators searched the scene for clues on the morning of Wednesday, February 12.

The clues led investigators to a home in the same village where a possible suspect lived, but he fled the scene and disappeared into the dense forest in the surrounding area.

K-9 units from Mossel Bay and George were dispatched to assist, but the identity of the suspect can not yet be made known at this stage.

“An autopsy will be conducted later this week to determine the possible cause of death and will also shed light on the motive for this horrendous crime,” Pojie said.

Picture: Clodine Nuys/Facebook

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