Police believe they may have found the body of the two-year-old child involved in the accident that happened at Voëlklip near Herolds Bay in George when a car plunged off a cliff on January 21.

Police said the body was found floating in the sea between Swartvlei and Kleinkrantz by a fisherman, according to SABC News Western Cape.

The child was in the car with her mother when the car fell down the Voëlklip cliff into the sea. Her brother managed to escape and sustained only minor injuries.

“Members of NSRI retrieved the body and handed it over to pathology forensic services of George,” said Police spokesperson Malcolm Pojie.

Pojie said an autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause of death and that the body is unrecognisable because of the advanced state of decomposition it is in.

However, he said the body’s clothing matches the description police were given, which leads them to believe it is the two-year-old.

“The parent has been informed. DNA testing will be done to determine the identity,” said Pojie.

The mother’s body was recovered on January 22. The vehicle was driving along the R404 on Voëlklip Road before crashing into the ocean.

The area is notorious for motor vehicle accidents and eight people have died in the area between November 3, 2015 and April 29, 2016.

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