A Cape Town police force member died alone in her apartment while isolating as she had been diagnosed with COVID-19. Chrizelda Coetzee was 38 years old when she became a victim of the coronavirus pandemic on Tuesday, July 14. She was a valued sergeant, and had been in the police service for 20 years.

Speaking to News24, her sister Cindy said Chrizelda began feeling ill on July 5 and was taken to hospital. While she had a high fever, she could not be admitted until she had been tested for COVID-19. After two days of waiting, test results confirmed that Chrizelda has COVID-19.

The sergeant made the decision to isolate by herself in her Tygervalley apartment.

Cindy then called her sister’s neighbours to ask them to check on her. She was found unresponsive, and an ambulance was called swiftly. It is believed that Chrizelda had slipped into a coma and was already dead when she was found.
“She was a bit overweight and struggled with sleep apnea, but other than that she was fine. She didn’t have any co-morbidities,” Cindy said.
According to Cindy, her sister had a “heart of gold” and could always make her laugh.
“She would do her job, make sure everything was done, and was filling in her little black book,” she said.
Condolences have been pouring in for the Coetzee family.
“I know there are no words to make things better but to wish you strength in the Saviour,” one social media user wrote on Facebook.
“OMG Cindy I am so so sorry for your loss. May your dearest sister Rest In Peace,” another said.

Picture: Facebook/Cindy Coetzee

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