President Cyril Ramaphosa has expressed his embarrassment over the government’s failure to deliver on its promises to the family of Tazne Van Wyk.

Tazne’s family were promised improved living conditions from Ramaphosa and his government, but seven months later has not come through on this promise.

Tazne was raped and killed in February this year and the discovery of her body caused outrage across the country. This especially when it was discovered her alleged rapist and murderer, Moehydien Pangaker, was out on parole for a list of other crimes.

During the ANC’s men’s dialogue webinar organised by the ANC in the Western Cape held on Friday, September 5 Tazne’s mother, Zelda van Wyk attended and expressed her suffering and disappointment in the government and police.

She explained that the family were treated disrespectfully by police, despite being the victims in this case.

In apologising to the Van Wyks, Ramaphosa explained that he had recently found out that his promises for better living conditions had amounted to a plan to build the family a Wendy House.

“I want to apologise to you that I made certain pronouncements and I am very sorry and embarrassed that that has not happened. This very week somebody came to ask and said did we say we are going to build a wendy house for the Van Wyk family? I said there’s just no way that I could ever have said we are going to build a wendy house,” Ramaphosa said to Zelda Van Wyk.

“Dr Olive Shisana in my office is going to be in touch with you and we are going to take this matter forward and we going to see to it that what we did say to you will happen.”

The pre-trial hearing for Tazne’s alleged rapist and killer is scheduled for January 2021.

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