You know how socks can just lose their mates without explanation? Well, if you’re stuck with one odd sock, (or a few odd socks!) give it away and it will end up as a funky new pair for someone else.

The Odd Socks Project kicked off in June of this year. They rally up donated single socks from all around the country, then pair them up according to size and fabric to make awesome new pairs and distribute them to people in need.

Of course, mismatched socks have even become a fashion statement recently, so the recipients will look super trendy. Supporting multiple charity schemes, they put socks on the feet of school kids, homeless persons or any other feet in need.

Thus far, they have collected over 8 000 single socks. With drop-off points around the country, you can easily get involved. You can even be a drop-off point yourself, or volunteer to sort or distribute. They welcome any and all help, so you don’t have to tiptoe around them.

Here are the drop-off points:

So put your best foot forward and give your lonely socks a second chance.

Picture: Pexels

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