A Cape Town-based jazz musician and director of Athlone Music School has been charged with rape, sexual assault and sexual grooming. He appeared at the Blue Downs Magistrates Court on Monday, July 27.

He was subsequently was released on bail of R1000, and the case has been postponed until October 30 for further investigation. Police are investigating the matter and it is likely that more charges will arise, says NPA regional spokesperson Eric Ntabazalila.

Due to a court order, the accused and the complainant may not be named and pictures of him may not be published.

Trevor Davids, who has worked in the South African entertainment and broadcasting industry spoke on the matter in a Facebook post and said: “Many fellow artist knew. Many turned the other way. He was a source of income, therefore they turned the other way to what they know and some of them witnessed. Everybody ignored the victims. It is not about five years – it’s about many years. It’s about serial predation. It’s unforgivable.

“Although what I am writing is not about him but the complicit and thereby associative behavior, of those who knew what was going on. Some prominent artists had chats with HIM about his predatory conduct – they ignored the victims. How messed up is that?

“If you are one of the many artist that turned the other way, now is the time to seek redemption by publicly adding your voice in condemning serial sexual predation, as well as add your name to a witness list, if need be.

“Globally the entertainment industry is tarnished with serial predators that enjoy a prominent and popular public profile. This has to stop. Men are protecting men. Men need to speak up.”

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