Estonian brand ÖÖD, famous for their tiny mirrored homes, have released yet another unique modular home, perfectly tailored for those working remotely. Their new backward ‘office in a box’ costs a cool $19 900 (over R290k) and may soon be available for purchase on Amazon.

The almost 9-metre ÖÖD office box comes with a kitchen and appliances, furniture, heating, ventilation, and more in a compact space that blends into the outdoor environment. It comfortable fits two people.

The interior of the unit is flexible and can serve several purposes. It doesn’t even need a foundation to be placed on.

It features the brand’s signature mirrored exterior, which reflects around 80% of sunlight.

“Our creative and stress free office space allows you to focus on the solution, not the problem. ÖÖD compact and seamless design allows you to place your office to your ideal location and create an environment right for your goals,” the company explains.

“The underlying architectural idea of the ÖÖD house was to create a design that would blend into the surrounding environment in the best possible manner. This is why the design created for the ÖÖD house is mostly simple and harmonious and doesn’t compete with the surrounding environment.”

Since its unveiling in November, the ÖÖD house has grown in popularity, especially in the US where buyers are clamouring to get in on the action. The company hopes to have the house listed on Amazon before the year ends, reports Business Tech.

Picture: Instagram / ÖÖD Houses

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