Rain, a popular internet service provider in South Africa, was hit in a sophisticated attack by cybercriminals this week. The company informed some of its subscribers that their personal information has been accessed following a security breach.

According to MyBroadband, the hack was found to originate through unauthorised access to the invoice storage system. “This means that some of your historical invoices may have been accessed, with the information limited to your name and postal address,” Rain said.

The company has assured customers that no sensitive information was accessed and that they don’t have to take any actions.

“To protect our customers, Rain does not directly store any payment-related information,” it said. “This sensitive data is stored off-site with an independent specialist partner, utilising bank-level security.”

Rain is popular due to its lower prices and great deals on unlimited data packages. However, it has run into some issues recently with over-promising on the capabilities of its network.

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