A genetically rare donkey was born in the Karoo Donkey Sanctuary just outside of Prince Albert early this week.

Named Hope, the donkey was born on Monday morning to mom Snow White on the Karoo Farm. Being both silver and white in colour, Hope’s skin reflects rare genetics.

Karoo Donkey Sanctuary is on a mission to raise awareness on the ongoing donkey skin trade plaguing Africa. A large number of mares from Africa are slaughtered for their skin, which is then transported globally for medicinal purposes. According to reports, Kenya is at the centre of this trade, and the demand stems from China, where donkey skin is typically boiled to produce ‘ejiao’, a gelatin used in traditional Chinese medicine.

This trade has lowered the number of donkeys across the continent. Research by the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Institute (KALRO) predicts that if this trend continues, donkeys in Kenya could possibly become extinct by 2023. Many have thus been calling for a ban on the donkey skin trade.

Karoo Donkey Sanctuary hopes that by sharing Hope’s story, more awareness will be raised on this tragedy.

“Baby Hope’s genetics are extremely rare and this little man’s progress will be shared with the world in our ongoing efforts to raise awareness as to the genocidal tragedy unfolding and the staggering number of mares in foal that are going to slaughter on a daily basis in Africa to supply the gruesome donkey skins trade,” they explain on their Facebook page. 

Picture: Facebook / Karoo Donkey Sanctuary

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