Property mogul Pam Golding died at her home in Cape Town on Tuesday, at the age 90.

Golding’s spokesperson Anel Lewis confirmed the businesswoman’s death at her house in Witterbomen, Constantia.

She was the founder of the Pam Golding Property Group, a leader in the property market. Golding started her business in 1976 and grew it into a successful international brand with more than 300 offices in Africa, Europe and Indian Ocean islands.

She started her business when the real estate industry was “male-dominated and still somewhat of a ‘home industry’,” said Lewis.

One of Golding’s more famous clients included Nelson Mandela, for whom she found the perfect home.

In an interview with Independent UK she said: “I was in bed at home early one morning when the telephone rang. It was around 6.30am and this voice said‚ ‘I am putting you through to the president of South Africa.’ Of course‚ I thought it was a hoax. Then I heard this famous voice. Well‚ I got out of bed in no time. And I had to put on a dressing gown.”

“I couldn’t talk to the president of South Africa wearing only a nightie.”

Golding leaves behind her sons Peter and Andrew‚ daughter Jilly‚ their spouses and 10 grandchildren.

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