While Cape Town struggles with a cockroach invasion of sorts encouraged by the warm weather, the City of Cape Town is reminding locals to be cautious of pesticide poisoning.

Last year the City reported 32 cases of pesticide poisoning incidents, saying that people were not aware enough as to just how dangerous pesticides can be.

Health MMC Zahid Badroodien told News24 that products such as the Two-Step, Green Lead sachets and Aldicarb, liquid poison mixtures, insect chalk and slug granules were among the most commonly underestimated products to be aware of.

Products like these and others are often used for their effectiveness and low prices but they are often illegal and extremely harmful especially when ingested or exposed to other areas of the environment.

The City is reminding residents to be mindful and ensure the pesticides being utilised in your area are legal.

Always lock all pesticides away and out of the reach of children.

Ensure you never use them outside or in areas that could intentionally harm wild animals.

Other tips for controlling pests include not dumping them, keeping bins sealed, dry and in a cool place, washing and disinfecting bins regularly, keeping dustbin bags away from animals, and disposing of pet faeces immediately. Pests are often attracted to old food or waste that has been left out as well, this includes animal food.

Over 110 410 rodent bating stations have been set up all over the City to control rodents in the last year.
Locals are encouraged to report issues to the Environmental Health Office at 0860 103 089.

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