Western Cape Government Health strongly condemned the armed robbery that took place at Retreat Community Health Centre (CHC) on Sunday, January 17. The matter has been reported to the authorities and services have since resumed. 

“We are deeply distressed at the criminal attack on our security staff and community members as this continues to add additional psychological trauma and strain on our staff, who continue to fight the pandemic during this second wave of COVID-19,” the Health Department said.

Emergency Health services at Retreat CHC will temporarily only be available from 7am and 5pm on Sunday [January 17] and Monday [January 18].  All emergencies after 5pm will be diverted to Victoria Hospital. Our MOU (Midwife Obstetrics Unit) will remain open for 24 hours per day. We apologise for any inconvenience.”

According to Police spokesperson Colonel André Traut, the suspects struck just after midnight.

“A robbery is under investigation by Steenberg police following an incident at around 12.08am in 11th Ave Cafda Village, Steenberg. The victim and his wife were robbed of three cellular telephones and cash by three suspects who are yet to be arrested,” he said.

Henry Moses, chairperson of the Retreat Community Health Centre Health Committee, said they are disappointed to see the clinic robbed for a second time. “As a community we need to rally together to do show that we will no longer tolerate this behaviour. It is not right that staff and security must endure this type of behaviour.”

“We want to make it clear from the community’s perspective that we condemn what happened at our clinic,” says Mark Solomons, from the Retreat Steenberg Civic Association. Solomons said they are in the process of partnering with the facility to strengthen and sustain security measures. In the meantime they are appealing to the community to roll up their sleeves and join in on keeping the facilities safe.

“Without this facility in our community, many members of our community will suffer,” Solomon added.

Picture: Western Cape Department of Health

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