A project to extend Belhar Main Road will kick off in August this year in an attempt to reduce the overall traffic congestion in Highbury and other surrounding areas in Kuils River.

The planned extension of the road is considered the key to expanding Kuils River’s local economy and will also improve accessibility in the area.
The City met with community leaders on Tuesday, July 16 2019 to discuss details of the project and an open day will soon be hosted where residents will have the opportunity to get more information and further discuss the planned roadworks.
“Traffic congestion in Highbury, and especially on Belhar Main Road, has increased significantly over the years. To address this we have decided to provide a link between Highbury Road and Stellendale Road to improve access for residents and local businesses. Once completed Belhar Main Road will allow for more people to enter and leave the area and support the development of the local economy. Also, this project forms part of the City’s efforts to build strategic roads and links to relieve traffic congestion in the worst affected areas in Cape Town,” said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Transport, Alderman Felicity Purchase.
The project will link Highbury Road to the Stellenbosch Arterial by extending Belhar Main Road from Highbury Road up to Stellendale Road in Kuils River. Wards 11 and 19 will be affected by the roadworks and the construction is expected to take as long as 20 months if all goes according to plan.
R49-million in budget has been allocated towards this project. The new road will cover a distance of 1.45km and include sidewalks along the entire length of the road as well as four traffic circles.
The road will be a dual carriageway in one section, from Stellenbosch Arterial to the first traffic circle in Stellendale Road, and thereafter will become a single-carriageway road.
The project will provide skills development and much-needed jobs to locals – 3% of the project’s budget has been allocated towards temporary work opportunities for residents in the areas, and a further 2% is also allocated for attaining the services of local enterprises. Residents interested in these temporary jobs are encouraged to register on the local subcouncil jobseekers database.
The open day will be hosted by the City on August 12 2019 from 2pm to 7pm at the Wester Cape Sport School, Nooiensfontein Road, Kuils River, Cape Town.
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