Tickets for the Rugby World Cup (RWC) final are being resold at exorbitant prices on reselling platforms, with some being sold at prices as high as R44 000.

According to the official RWC website, original tickets may only be resold at their original face value, where the price of tickets begin at R7 000. The site also indicates that tickets purchased elsewhere can be denied entry, and will be viewed as invalid.

Category D tickets on the popular reselling platform Viagogo are being sold at R25 157, with the price pushing up as more tickets are sold. Premium row tickets are being sold at a whopping R44 176.

The price of tickets on reselling platform Viagogo (Source: Viagogo)

Another ticket reselling platform, StubHub, is selling RWC final tickets for R25 683.

The price of tickets being resold on StubHub (Source: StubHub)

According to BusinessInsider South Africa Editor Helena Wasserman, event organisers are seriously clamping down on tickets purchased from reselling websites.

“The official rule is that you’re only allowed to buy or swap tickets through the RWC website,” Wasserman said during an interview with CapeTalk. “It’s basically impossible to get a ticket for the final on the RWC site.”

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