South Africa has long been behind the modern office space trend that offers employees more than just a working space but also a place to relax, work out, bring their children and even improve their mental wellness.

More and more local companies are becoming flexible and considering new ways to treat their employees and boost overall productivity.

A survey done by Jack Hammer polled 28 major companies across various sectors and detailed new ways that companies are incentivising staff beyond just the usual financial incentive.

The survey allowed companies to detail new strategies and offerings that have notably improved employee engagement, productivity and wellness.

Some of the most popular new working trends in South Africa include: remote working with 54% of companies listing this option, in-house catering at company expense at 25%, flexible work hours at 54%, purposely designed workspaces offering rest areas, sleeping pods and green spaces at 36%, and physical and mental wellness options for staff at 29%.

Other less popular interventions include a relaxed dress code, extended leave policies, more study options for employees and on-site childcare.

While other countries across the world have long been offering similar incentives, South Africa is just now picking up on the trend and could experience a revolution in the workspace over the next decade.

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