During an otherwise difficult time, some good news is welcome. Despite a poor rainfall season, South Africa’s dam levels are rising.

“The country’s dam levels have increased by one percent from 67,6% to 68,8%, this translates in terms of water that is stored in reservoirs to a recording of 22 012,5 cubic metres in the past week,” the Department of Water and Sanitation said in a statement. 

The Department added that this is a boost in their campaign to make water available during the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, as water has become “central to the government’s efforts to fight the pandemic.”

Gauteng is in the lead with average dam levels of 101%, while the Western Cape is last in line with levels of 39%. Winter rains are expected to come down from next month, however, and should increase Cape dam levels again.

According to the Department, there has been an increase in water demand across the country, and the improved dam levels will help municipalities to refill depleted water tanks.

Picture: Instagram/Theewater Sports Club

Article written by

Anita Froneman