South Africans are finally able to find reprieve from the never-ending annoyance that is marketing spam SMSes, following the introduction of a new system that blocks the unwelcome communication.

Wireless Application Service Providers’ Association (WASPA) recently launched their ‘Do Not Contact’ database, a virtual service that prevents unwanted marketing SMSes.

SA has long struggled with marketing spam, and was even named the fourth most spam called country in the world in 2018.

This new database ensures users will no longer receive direct marketing messages.

“Mobile content and applications developed by WASPA members have been literal lifesavers during these last few months. Mobility enables more of us to stay at home and keep safe by reducing our exposure to the outside world. There are, however, mobile users who wish to safeguard their privacy when it comes to direct marketing messages and the DNC database will be especially useful to them,” explains WASPA General Manager, Ilonka Badenhorst.

According to WASPA, mobile users today appreciate SMSes from their banks or insurance firms because of their useful information, but marketing messages do not contain the same useful information and instead are an irritation for most users.

“It must be noted that the DNC is a list to block direct marketing SMSes only. It does not block other types of mobile services delivered by SMS, such as subscription or notification services,” says WAPSA.

The block service does not extend to firms outside of SA or those who are not part of the DNC database. The list is safe to use and only contains mobile number and no other personal information.

Those looking to make use of the  system can simply add or remove their number from the DNC list by visiting

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