South Africa reached a new record in the total number of coronavirus cases recorded in a single day, reporting 13 674 new cases on Thursday [July 9]. The country now has 238 339 confirmed cases of the virus with numbers increasing rapidly everyday.

Predictions of Gauteng experiencing a surge in cases are coming true, with a staggering 6 531 new cases recorded in the province on Thursday.

The highest number of tests done in a single day was also recorded, with 56 170 tests being carried out. We have also reached a milestone of having completed over two-million tests in total.

The number of coronavirus-related deaths recorded on Thursday [July 9] was 129, bringing the nation’s total death toll to 3720. Gauteng and the Western Cape both recorded 37 deaths, while the Eastern Cape recorded 28, the Northern Cape recorded 1 and KwaZulu-Natal recorded 26.

Gauteng overtook the Western Cape as the epicentre of the virus in the country on Wednesday, July 8.

National statistics released on Thursday:

-The Western Cape: 74 815 confirmed cases, 2229 deaths, 55 534 recoveries

-Gauteng: 81 546 confirmed cases, 515 deaths, 23 804 recoveries

-KZN: 19 630 confirmed cases, 249 deaths, 5 505 recoveries

-The Eastern Cape: 44 432 confirmed cases, 610 deaths, 24 302 recoveries

-The North West: 7 870 confirmed cases, 36 deaths, 1574 recoveries

-The Free State: 3724 confirmed cases, 19 deaths, 629 recoveries

– Limpopo: 2381 confirmed cases, 33 deaths, 665 recoveries

-Mpumalanga: 2902 confirmed cases, 22 deaths, 779 recoveries

-The Northern Cape: 1039 confirmed cases, seven deaths, 267 recoveries.

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