More changes have been announced for South African plug and socket systems. The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) has released new requirement which will lead to changes in electrical sockets and adaptors.

An update to SANS164-0 means South Africa is in for a number of changes to the plug and socket standards.

According to Sadhvir Bissoon, the executive of standards at the SABS speaking to MyBroadBand SANS164-0 covers the general requirements for socket-outlets and plugs in SA and is considered a foundation document for all of these systems.

SANS164-0 is not a new standard but rather has been updated recently to ensure all requirements are clear.

The change to the standard was announced via the National Government Gazette back in April. According to regulations the changes will apply to all plugs, electrical equipment from parts 1 to 6 for SANS 164 and sockets, including the more recent diamond-shaped ZA plug (SANS 164-2).

General requirements include a reduction of the minimum clearance of the socket outlet surface to 8mm and the addition of a new symbol to be featured on adaptors which indicates that adaptors should not be plugged into one another to avoid strain on the socket-outlet.

The new symbol aims to better inform the public of the dangers of plugging adaptors into one another and will be required to be embossed onto adaptors to provide adequately warning.

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