If your name is Adriaanus, this song’s for you! South Africans, especially those who hail from Port Elizabeth are beaming with pride after local Afrikaans rapper Biggy’s latest song, Dames, reached more than one-million views on YouTube.

The song is the talk of the town, thanks to its entertaining lyrics. Biggy raps about meeting a woman at the club and taking her home, however, her attitude towards him changes drastically once she realises he still lives with his mother.

She demands he call her an Uber so she can go home but Biggy insists she walks. The chorus of the song, “Dames sé my way you naam is, my name is Adriaanus”, is possibly the most popular part of the song and has since inspired a number of entertaining memes, gifs and reactions. It translates to “Ladies tell me what your name is, my name is Adriaanus.”

On KFM today, morning show host Darren Simpson tracked down Biggy and managed to get a live interview with him. Biggy says he is thrilled with the popularity of the song and plans on moving to Cape Town soon. He will also feature as part of the line-up at next year’s K-Day.

Picture: YouTube

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