South African Tourism has urged locals and holidaymakers to use water sparingly this festive season. This week the City of Cape Town announced that our water woes have deepened and brought day zero closer than expected.

Consumption is increasing and dam levels are decreasing weekly. Dams are currently sitting at 33% full and the city has noted that only 34% of residents are using less than 87 liters per day.

South African Tourism’s Chief Executive Officer, Sisa Ntshona said, “We know that this is peak holiday season in the Cape, but want to send out an urgent appeal to tourism and hospitality businesses, as well as holidaymakers, to conserve water wherever possible. The situation has reached critical proportions and we cannot afford to ignore it.”

He also urged those who will be in Cape Town this festive season to be extra-vigilant and considerate when using water during the sever drought.

A sharp increase in tourists is expected this festive season as holidaymakers make their way to the Mother City.

CEO of Cape Town Tourism, Enver Duminy, said that it’s crucial visitors are aware of the water crisis.  

“It’s imperative, especially at this time when we welcome visitors to our city, that saving water becomes our primary message and action; this focus on responsibility regarding our resources is what will ensure the long-term longevity and sustainability of the industry, for the benefit of locals and visitors alike,” he said.

The City of Cape Town has advised residents, businesses and tourists to save and recycle water by doing the following:

  •       Take two-minute showers instead of water-heavy baths;
  •       Collect shower and basin water and use it to flush toilets, wash cars and water the garden;
  •       Flush toilets only when necessary;
  •       Do not run the tap while shaving, brushing teeth or washing hands;
  •       Wait until you have a full load before running your washing machine;
  •       Fix any water leaks (including dripping taps) on your property.


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