Samosas are a staple for many not just in the Cape, but across the world as well. Contrary to popular belief, this crisp golden food is not from India – its origins can be traced back to the Middle East. Known as an appetizer, these savoury snacks are best enjoyed with tea or dipped in mango chutney.

Samosas are consumed in many countries across the world, including Egypt, Libya and Kazakhstan, and were traditionally cooked over a roaring fire. and consumed as a travel snack. The food is triangular in shape and is filled with fragrant spice, chillies and beef mince.

Each country has a different name for a samosa – in Kazakhstan, somsas are typically baked and consist of a thicker, more crumbly crust, while in Hyderabad, it consists of more crust and is filled with meat alone. In the Middle East, the semicircular sambusak is stuffed with feta, onions, minced chicken, meat, and spinach. In Jewish cuisine, sambusak is often stuffed with mashed chickpeas.

In South Africa, samosas are typically deep fried, and can contain a variety of fillings, such as the traditional beef mince or ever-popular spiced chicken and onion. Very few family gatherings or parties are complete without the golden samosa – who can bare the heated arguments family members have at family gatherings without the comfort of a deliciously spiced and warm samosa?

Here are some samosa-lovers celebrating World Samosa Day across the globe:


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