A recent video that made its way onto the internet has the country talking after it shows a South African Defense Force (SANDF) tank swerving out of control, nearly hitting soldiers.

In the video posted to Twitter, a tank can be seen riding over a hill to the sound of cheers of soldiers before losing control and crashing into a fence where a group of onlookers are standing, forcing them to run out of the way to avoid being hit.

A cloud of smoke from the collision covers the area as the tank attempts to reverse as soldiers laugh and clap.

Watch the full video here:

According to SANDF the incident took place during training for the Armed Forces Day last month at Roodewal Bombing Range.

No injuries were reported from the incident but many South Africans were amused at the video despite the seriousness of the situation.

SANDF was not impressed with the video, however, and did was unhappy with how the video depicted their members.

“It is regrettable that there are individuals who hide behind pseudonyms whilst intentionally portraying the SANDF negatively by posting and or commenting adversely against it,” said the South African National Defense Force in a statement.

Users on Twitter found the incident amusing and shared their reactions:

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