A Cape Town teacher is facing disciplinary action after a video of her striking a grade 9 pupil in the face went viral on social media earlier this week.

The incident occurred when the teacher reprimanded a student in her class for not having her book for the lesson as well as having her phone in class.

In the video, the student can be seen impolitely talking back to the teacher and refusing to leave the classroom when asked to do so, while the teacher grows visibly angrier, beginning to shout at the pupil.

An altercation then breaks out when, having had her phone confiscated by the teacher, the student pushes the desk into the teacher and attempts to take her phone back. The teacher reacts by slapping the pupil across the face, to screams from the other students.

Some pupils are backing the teacher and staged a protest at the school on Wednesday saying that it was not a racially-charged incident and that the teacher should not be fired.

The teacher has reportedly opened case of assault against the pupil. Simultaneously, the mother of the student has opened a case against the educator who struck her child.

Sans Souci says of the incident, “The SGB of Sans Souci Girls High School condemns all acts of violence, abuse and discrimination in any form from anyone. We are well aware of the extremely disturbing incident that occurred yesterday in one of our classes and have initiated the remedial processes as prescribed by the School’s Code of Conduct and within the framework of the South African Schools Act. After due consultation with all stakeholders, both parties involved will be dealt with in accordance with the law in a fair and transparent process.”

Sans Souci has also confirmed that all parties have been offered counselling following the incident.

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