The Hout Bay Seal Rescue Centre has found itself in dire straights, as the Department of Public Works is planning to put the centre up for tender.

“We need the space to continue caring for the seals. We have requested a stand alone lease for lot 25 and a portion of lot 57 in Hout Bay. We are desperate for an answer from the Department of Public Works and have reached out to them many times but we wait and we worry with no answer and no feedback from them,” the organisation said.

“We are requesting a stand alone lease agreement for a space we have been using for 20 years – no answers except that DPW are putting it out to tender.”

The Centre is the only one that rehabilitates seals specifically in the Western Cape and have been on its current property for two decades.

“We have nowhere to go. The seals have nowhere to go!” the organisation said. “We are a registered Non Profit Company and do not have the capacity to bid against wealthy corporations or individuals for the space therefore we really need an answer from DPW regarding lot 25 and a small portion of lot 57.”

“We have to fight for our seals, they cannot do it themselves. They need us, and we need you! Please help us spread the word.”
Picture: Hout Bay Seal Rescue Centre

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