A female dog believed to be six months old was found dead in a bush and bound with wire on April 7 2019.

The Animal Welfare Society (AWS) of South Africa, an organisation that offers veterinarian services to underprivileged and disadvantaged communities in Cape Town, released an official statement saying that the incident was reported by a member of the public.

“Yesterday morning one of our clients noticed a dog lying awkwardly in the bush on a vacant tract of land in Papkuilsvlei Road Philippi and decided to inform us.” 

The man who informed the organisation said that the dog appeared dead or incapacitated, but her body was not decomposed and that he thought she might still be alive. The welfare society initially thought that the animal was hit by a vehicle and then dumped in the bushes.

After receiving the report, the animal welfare organisation dispatched their Assistant Adoptions Officer, Lawrence, to investigate the incident.

“We were hoping that Lawrence would return with the dog and readied ourselves for an emergency.”

Upon arriving at the scene, Lawrence discovered that the dog had been cruelly hobbled and bound with wire to prevent her from moving, and that the restraints had contorted her body. Wire was also found tightened around her neck.

“Whoever did this wanted the dog to suffer unimaginable pain and die slowly. There was also a tight wire noose around her neck. It was attached to her feet and fashioned to inflict maximum pain every time she flinched in her feeble attempts to break loose.”

As Lawrence picked up her cold and unresponsive body, he realised there was no need to check her pulse as her body had already began to bloat.

AWS believes that she was purposefully tied with the wire.

“In our expert opinion, there was no way that she accidentally became entangled in the wire. She was deliberately, cruelly tied up by some monster intent on causing her to suffer and die an agonising, slow and painful death.”

Based on her appearance, the organisation suspects that the dog was once someone’s pet.

“Someone out there knows who did this. Someone out there is missing a pet. The dog would have cried out in pain as the wire cut into her flesh and wire noose choked her as she vainly tried to break free.”

Further investigations were carried out yesterday and revealed a discarded glove and tyre tracks.

“After carefully scouring the area we found the missing glove discarded by the killers, and tyre tracks which lead us to suspect that Jane Doe was driven to the scene and dumped.”

An official SAPs docket has been opened to find the perpetrator responsible for the brutal killing of the young dog.

AWS is pleading members of the public to come forward with any information relating to the incident that could result in the arrest of the perpetrator.

“If you have any information regarding this incident, please contact us on 021 692 2626 or 082 601 1761 urgently. Please be assured that caller’s details will remain confidential, and anonymous calls will be accepted.”

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