The Department of Correctional Services said that six of the 69 prisoners who escaped Malmesbury prison have not been re-arrested.

They had initially arrested 67 but on the evening on Friday, July 24 another two prisoners were found and arrested.

The prisoners escaped at midday on Friday during a physical exercise routine. The prisoners overpowered the guards and took their keys.

“The escapees overpowered officials, took the keys and locked three officials in a cell and opened other cells before escaping through the main entrance and over the roof,” the department said in a statement.

Nine of the 20 officials on duty sustained minor injuries and bruises but there were no reports of serious injury.

“The Department condemns this reckless action by these offenders, and will make sure they face the consequences of their actions,” the department said.

As of 7:30pm Friday night the prison was still under lockdown. Those who have been arrested are now awaiting trial.

“We want to assure communities that we will do everything in our power to apprehend remaining escapees, and would not do anything to put communities at risk,” they said.


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