Over the past few months, the Animal Welfare Society of South Africa has rescued a record number of dumped and abandoned dogs and puppies.

The majority were callously discarded on illegal dumping sites that litter the Cape Flats whilst others were saved from being buried alive, minced alive in the load bay of refuse removal trucks or simply left to starve to death.

“Anyone who no longer wants their pet regardless of the reasons why is welcome to surrender them to us for FREE”, says the Animal Welfare Society.

Severly injured dog

Earlier this week Trainee Inspector Sivuyile Kilwa was dispatched to find a partially buried dog that someone heard crying in a pile of domestic waste.

He found her and brought her back to the Animal Welfare hospital where it was discovered that she was suffering from a smashed pelvis and broken spine.

Her injuries are typical of an animal that has been involved in a motor vehicle collision and it abhors us to think that the driver dragged her broken body out of the road and threw her onto the nearest pile of rubbish he could find – and then went about his daily business without a second thought!

It is a miracle that this pup was found in time and was recused from the rubbish dumpsite.

Dogs in bin

This is the source of many of our adoption dogs and puppies who after spending a period of rehabilitation with us go on to make the most remarkable pets.

Those too sick, too diseased or too badly injured are humanely put to sleep at our expense or for a small donation.

“There is absolutely no justification whatsoever for anyone to have to cruelly discard their pet like a worthless piece of trash or to afford them such an undignified ending.”

You do not need an appointment to surrender your pet you can simply arrive unannounced and if you do not have your own transport we are able to collect by prior arrangement and subject to affordability.

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