Residents of the Clifton shores and members of the public have been advised by the City of Cape Town Health Department to avoid contact with the water following a sewage spill that took place on 18 July.

The spill took place at Clifton’s 1st beach in the surrounding vicinity of 40 Victoria Road. According to Mayco Member of Security and Safety JP Smith, the spill originated from a nearby property and the city is working to repair the blockage as soon as they are provided access to the property.

The effects of sewage being released into the ocean are a cause for concern as it could spread disease-causing bacteria to swimmers and those consuming contaminated shell fish.

When waste such as human sewage is released into the ocean it also decreases oxygen levels for marine life and can have devastating affects.

“Any form of full-contact recreational activity such as swimming‚ diving‚ water-skiing‚ surfing‚ paddle-skiing and windsurfing may increase the risk of gastrointestinal problems as well as skin‚ eye‚ ear and respiratory irritations” said a council statement.

With the recent toxic coolant found in the storm water discharge of the Sea Point ocean waters, there is a need for stricter surveillance of waste dumps into Cape Town oceans.

Both sewage and any toxic substances that make there way into our oceans pose a direct threat to marine life and the quality of our ocean water.

The City is advising residents to refrain from entering the waters, “Any person who uses the sea in this area therefore does so at their own risk” he said.

The City Health Department will be placing signage to warn the public about the current situation. Once the problem has been resolved and the beach is clear for human use, the public will be notified.

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