The Cape of Good Hope SPCA recently rescued a seagull caught in sewing thread which seemed to have been strung from one tree to another in the Boston, Bellville area.

A member of the public placed the call to assist the Hartlaub’s gull hanging by its wing approximately 10-metres high between two trees.

“We could see that the gull was tired, but still struggling to free itself,” the SPCA explained on Facebook. “Trainee Field Officer Aldine Soutter immediately climbed to the top of a shorter tree positioned in the middle of the trees where the gull was hanging. While he made his way to the canopy of the tree, Inspector Minette Pieterse started connecting every pole we had in our possession from nets, our seal disentanglement rod and our snake hook in order to make a pole long enough to reach the gull and hopefully snag the fishing line.

“After tying everything we had together, we still couldn’t reach the gull. It was then that two gentleman from neighborhood watch offered their assistance with an additional rod and some cable ties and we were finally able to reach the gull.”

Trainee Field Officer Aldine Soutter hooked the line with their extended rod as close to the gull as possible to bring the gull and line down within reach. As he was doing this, the line snapped and he gently caught the gull as it fell straight into his arms. After scaling down the tree with the gull tucked safely in his shirt, Inspector Minette Pieterse checked the gull for serious injuries and then placed it in a transport carrier.

“The gull was transported to the SPCA where a veterinarian checked the gull’s health and wings. We were very relieved that the gull only needed some rest to recover from it’s ordeal and so after spending a night at our Short Term Wildlife Care Facility, the gull was successfully released within the area of origin the very next day.

“What we suspected was fishing line, actually turned out to be sewing–thread. We appeal to members of public to please dispose of all waste responsibly, failing to do so poses a threat to all wildlife. We would also like to extend our thanks to the two gentlemen from the local Neighbourhood Watch who came to assist us,” the SPCA added.

Picture: screenshot from video

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