A shark warning siren was sounded at Fish Hoek beach today, and visitors are advised not to enter the waters until they have been deemed safe for swimming and recreational activities.

According to the official Shark Spotters Twitter page, shark exclusion nets were deployed at approximately 11.10am on Thursday morning, and are expected to be retrieved at 5pm this afternoon.

The City of Cape Town consistently warns residents to be careful on beaches notorious for shark activity. A system called the Four-Flag System is put in place for beachgoers, and serves to warn bathers and surfers of shark activity.

A reg flag is used to indicate a Shark Alert. The flag will be hoisted during periods where increased shark acitivity is detected in the vicinity of a beach, or where conditions are highly favourable for the presence of sharks.

A green flag means the spotting conditions are good and no sharks are present, while a black flag means spotting conditions are poor and no sharks are present.

A white flag with a black shark picture means a shark is currently in the vicinity of the beach, and beachgoers must vacate the water. A siren is sounded when the white flag is raised.

Source: Supplied/City of Cape Town

Follow these tips to keep safe on beaches with shark activity:
– Do not swim, surf or surf ski when birds, dolphins or seals are feeding nearby
– Do not swim in deep water beyond breakers
– Do not swim if you are bleeding or on your period
– Do not swim near river mouths
– Do not swim, surf or surf ski at night or where lifeguards are not present
– If a shark has recently been sighted in an area where no shark spotters are present, consider using another beach for the day
– Obey beach officials’ instructions
– Pay attention to any shark flags on beaches

Beachegoers must also remember that shark activity increases as temperatures rise with the new moon.
Picture: Pixabay

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