The iconic Shimmy Beach Club will not be entertaining crowds with live music this Summer. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has made the decision to temporarily shut their doors until Summer 2021/2022.

In a statement on Wednesday [December 9], the company explained that the nationwide lockdown has “resulted in unassailable limitations imposed on event venues such as Shimmy that depend on thousands of patrons per event to remain open. Under the current limitations, Shimmy cannot operate in a viable manner.

“In light of the second wave of the pandemic, Shimmy cannot afford to be irresponsible with the health and lives of its patrons and employees and therefore has no option but to cease trading.”

Shimmy will not be open for trade until the Summer season in 2021/2022, at the earliest. Although they have been negotiating terms with Shimmy’s landlord to re-open for Summer 2021/2022 they have, to date, not been able to reach an agreement.

However, they have mandated the landlord to re-employ Shimmy employees if they find an alternative operator and open the venue earlier than provided.


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Shimmy has been closed since March 20, when the Disaster Management Act first came into effect. Since then, images of the once glorious grounds, now with overgrown weeds and a dirty pool, have shocked eager partygoers.

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