Locals are being cautioned to be especially mindful when tending to their vehicles, after a shocking video showing a customer at a petrol station in Cape Town being driven over by a car, started circulating on social media.

The frightening video, taken at Engen Plattekloof Village, shows the customer standing in front of his car checking the vehicle after it wouldn’t start, when the car begins to roll forward, seemingly out of the driver’s control.

The person behind the wheel appears unable to stop the car from rolling, either due to an issue with the handbrake or plain shock, and the vehicle proceeds to roll over the attendant. A man, seemingly a petrol attendant, rushes towards the car and manages to get inside and bring it to a stop, after which the driver gets out of her vehicle, which the victim is trapped under.

Bystanders join together to lift the car and free the man from under it, while the driver of the car appears to be horrified and disorientated by the incident.

We spoke to Port Elizabeth Traffic Update who shared the video, and they said the incident took place earlier this month but has only recently started circulating. There is currently no update on the man’s condition but he did survive the incident.

The incident may have occurred because of neglect to ensure the handbrake of the vehicle was fully engaged and could have possibly been avoiding by following proper safety protocol.

Here are a number of safety tips from Arrive Alive for when you or anyone else is working on your vehicle.

– Never trust a Jack. Rather buy some sturdy stands and use them whenever you need to crawl underneath the car.

– Remove the earth strap (almost always the negative pole) at the battery, to avoid accidentally activating the starter, starting a fire, or heating up your jewellery or watch if you accidentally touch an open wire.

– Make sure that all electrical components are switched off when you remove the strap, otherwise a spark may occur that could cause the battery to explode.

– Never leave tools on the battery, where they might short the terminals and create a spark.

– Keep loose clothing and long hair away from moving parts.

– Wear eye protection when your eyes are at risk, such as when you grind, or drill upside down.

– Don’t overfill the sump or any other reservoir, as it may cause damage to the seals or an even more serious malfunction.

– Don’t remove the radiator cap from a hot cooling system. If you really have to open it up, use a cloth over the cap, and stand to one side, releasing it slowly.

– Don’t add cold water to a hot engine, because the subsequent distortion may cause damage. If you have no choice, pour the water in slowly while the engine is running.

– Don’t allow small children or animals near the car while you are working on it.

– Keep a fire extinguisher near your working space.

– Don’t try to extinguish a fuel or electrical fire with water; rather use sand.

– Take care when carrying a battery, or working with one, because spilt acid will eat holes in your clothes and irritate your skin.

– Don’t run the engine for a long time in an enclosed space.


Picture: Facebook/Port Elizabeth Traffic Update

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