The recently formed #ShutSADown group have grown exponentially since they were founded. They have now released their plan of action, which centres around a two day country-wide stay-away.

The group, which includes over 173 000 members, announced their plan for a nationwide shutdown on June 2 and 3, 2020.

Unlike past South African protests, the organisers plan to focus on “shutting the country down” through a mass stay-away from work, school and other public activities during these two days.

“Our demands will be presented and delivered to Parliament before our shutdown dates. These demands will be set up by you, the public, and will then be voted for. A section on our Facebook group will allow you to share your opinions and demands. You, the public, the people of this country will make this list of demands. We ask for realistic opinions. We will pick the most important ones. Our lawyers will then set up our demands that we will present to parliament,” explained the organisers.

In addition, the group aims to reach out to international bodies like major companies, country leaders, international media, celebrities and the United Nations for support and to explain the current situation with crime in the country.

“My fellow South Africans, we have a responsibility to provide our children with a future. A future free of hatred and crime, rape and murder. A future that will bring joy and happiness to them,” main organiser Morne Swart wrote.

The inception of the shutdown occurred when Swart and the other group members came to the realisation they believe no other form of protest has worked to curb violence and crime in South Africa.

“The government don’t care. We, the South African people are tired of begging, and will now take action, and we WILL speak very clearly to the South African government and to the international community,” he said.

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