A fire that started on Signal Hill on Sunday is being fanned by a very strong south-easterly wind, and has swiftly spread to the Sea Point area. Roads have been closed in and around the affected areas to allow firefighters access.

The City’s Fire and Rescue spokesperson, Theo Layne, confirmed that the fire rescue services responded to shortly before 4pm on Sunday afternoon, has spread over the hill to Sea Point.

“Currently there is no need for immediate evacuation, however, the fire is being fanned by a strong south easterly wind. More than 70 firefighters with 20 firefighting vehicles are on the scene. The Signal Hill Road remains closed and as needed additional roads will be closed in the Sea Point area,” he said.

Locals are being cautioned to steer clear from these areas. For emergencies please call 021 480 7700.

James-Brent Styan, Media Liaison Officer for the Western Cape Government said: “People living in affected areas that need to be evacuated will be informed by the fire marshals. Dont stress about it. You will be told! It is a good idea to keep windows closed and pets inside. Also, if you’re in an affected area, have a go bag ready.”

Volunteer Wildfire Services tweeted: If anyone would like to assist with donations of energades or sandwiches for all crews on the line, to please drop them off at the Wildfire Services base at Newlands Forest Much appreciated!

The fire has moved closer to Sea Point.    Picture: Johan Van Schalkwyk

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