Motorists are urged to be extra cautious when driving along Victoria Road just before 12 Apostles Hotel in Camps Bay, as there is a small sinkhole in the yellow lane outbound.

The sinkhole is situated at the bend before the hotel, heading towards Hout Bay. Motorists driving at speed could cause damage to their vehicles if not careful.

Ward 54 councillor Nicola Jowell is aware of the sinkhole, and says the issue has already been reported to the Roads Depot.

Sinkholes are a depression in the ground with no natural external surface drainage. In other words, when it rains or water flows from a source nearby, the water stays inside the sinkhole and typically drains into the subsurface.

It is dangerous because the land usually stays intact for a period of time until the underground spaces get too big. If there is not enough support for the land above the spaces, then a sudden collapse of the land surface can occur, causing widespread damage.

Picture: Facebook / Nicole Jowell

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