As yet another young life has been lost in the Mother City alongside the countless lives lost every day in South Africa, locals are calling to have the death penalty reinstated.

Following the horrifying discovery of little Tazne Van Wyk in a stormwater drain earlier this month the community is up in arms, calling for the government to do something about the country’s never-ending crime problem.

In Cape Town-  and South Africa as a whole – grave crimes are often committed by previously charged criminals especially those who are out on bail. Residents feel the justice system and the police services are failing them as more criminals walk free despite their crimes.

According to a recent petition started to have the death penalty reinstated, approximately 58 murders take place every day in South Africa with the number of murders increasing from 20 336 in 2017/2018 to 21 022 in 2019. Locals are calling for something to be done before more elderly people or young children have to die.

The death penalty was abolished in a landmark ruling in 1995 on June 5 during the case of the State vs Makwanyane.

A ruling was reached after the Court decided to hold the rights to life and dignity as the most important of all human rights, committing to society premised on the recognition of these highly important rights even when it comes to the punishment of criminals.

While the country continues its ongoing struggle against criminals who are constantly let back onto our streets while jails are reportedly too full, homes and hearts are becoming empty. Many are looking at the death penalty as a way to solve South Africa’s crime problem while others feel it is hopeless.

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