Dogfighting continues to be a massive issue in Cape Town and the country as a whole. It condones a level of violence and cruelty that not only has great consequences to the community that tolerates its existence but it also walks hand in hand with other criminal activities.

Dogfighting can be defined as a “contest” in which two dogs, trained to fight, are placed in a small arena to fight each other for the spectators’ entertainment and gambling purposes. The American Pit Bull Terrier has become the most popular dog breed victim of this crime in South Africa.

“It is a thriving and ever-growing criminal activity in South Africa, supported by people from all walks of life and various backgrounds. Dog fights are not the work of a single lawbreaker but instead constitute a form of incredibly violent organised crime that is intricately linked to many other criminal activities,” explain The Cape of Good Hope SPCA.

“It is a multimillion-rand industry with an intricate underground web ranging from impromptu events in a back alley with stolen dogs to a carefully planned and organised enterprise, using family bred dogs and held in a location specially designed and maintained for the purpose of showcasing this brutal event.”

The SPCA is dedicated to wiping out this ill from society. Chief Inspector at Cape of Good Hope SPCA, Jaco Pieterse is running the Sanlam Cape Town Virtual Marathon on October 18 to create awareness and raise funds to combat dogfighting. He is appealing to the public for support, and has created a fundraiser for people to donate to.

“Do you know what we hate most about dog-fighting?… that people can take advantage of a dog’s best qualities – their unconditional love and loyalty – so that they endure pain, fear, ripped flesh, blood loss, broken bones and even death… just to please their owners,” he writes on his fundraising page.

“Most fighting dogs rescued by our SPCA have known nothing but abuse and neglect. Many have spent their entire lives alone in a cage or tethered to a heavy chain – only knowing the attention of a human when they are taken out for training, or being made to fight and only knowing the company of other dogs when they are being encouraged to kill them. And yet their loyalty never falters.

“Even as they are being ripped apart by their opponent, a dog like this keeps on fighting – often for hours – simply because their owner urges them to do so. If they ‘win’ the fight, they’ll have to do it all again next week or next month. If they lose, they can expect no mercy. No comfort and care to soothe their wounds or ease their pain.

“And it’s the reason why we won’t give up the struggle to stamp out organised dogfighting. Please support us and help us to stamp out illegal dogfighting, you’ll also help to make this world a better place for all animals, and people too!”

Pieterse has a goal of raising R50 000, and thus far has raised R39 068 or 78% of his goal. Click the link to support his efforts and make a small donation to this worthy cause:…/jaco-pieterse-raising…/

You can also donate to the SPCA via EFT:

Bank: Standard Bank Constantia

Account name: Cape of Good Hope SPCA

Branch code: 025309

Account number: 0718 32858

Type of account: Cheque Account

Reference: SCTM Jaco Pieterse

Picture: Facebook / Jaco Pieterse

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