A Cape of Good Hope SPCA Inspector has gone to court to appeal for the removal of a dog that was found chained up in a scrap yard.

Inspector Siyabonga Mbukutse discovered Bentley the dog chained to a car in a scrap yard, in terrible living conditions.

The owners were given warnings and told to release Bentley from his short chain. Inspector Siyabonga has done much to try and improve Bentley’s living conditions, but his owners would not listen.

Yesterday [May 21], Inspector Siyabonga Mbukutse, accompanied by Cadet Inspector Mark Syce, stood before the Magistrate of the Goodwood Court to appeal to the Magistrate to have Bentley removed from his owners.

“Their appeal today was for the Magistrate to authorise the removal of a dog who clearly mattered less to his owners than the scrap he was guarding,” the SPCA explains. “This is why we decided to call him Bentley, he is anything but a scrap vehicle!”

“Fortunately for Bentley, the magistrate signed the warrant and his days of being chained to a vehicle and sleeping in the hard, empty shell of a car are now over.”

The SPCA will be pursuing charges of animal cruelty against Bentley’s owners in terms of the Animals Protection Act No. 71 of 1962.

Please report any cases of animal abuse to the SPCA on 021 7004158/9 or afterhours on 083 326 1604 or email [email protected]

Pictures: COGH SPCA

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