On Friday December 6, the Cape of Good Hope (CoGH) SPCA team responded to reports of a dog stuck in a drain in the Heideveld area. Upon arrival, Field Officer Farrent Dlula found three dogs stuck in the drain, rather than one.

Image: Facebook/ CoGH SPCA

Officer Dlula immediately requested backup for the rescue operation. According to a Facebook post of the SPCA’s, his colleagues, inspector Carina Bodenstein and Trainee Field Officer Aldine Soutter, immediately responded to his call.

“We believe that they might have fallen into the canal and whilst trying to escape became lodged in the drain. All of the dogs were underweight and scared but appeared to not have suffered from any injuries,” said the SPCA.

Image: Facebook/ CoGH SPCA

The animals were successfully retrieved and brought to the SPCA to recover. The SPCA has thanked the person who reported the distressed animals.

The organisation has requested that any animals in distress be reported to the CoGH SPCA on 021 7004158/9 or afterhours on 083 326 1604 – alternatively email [email protected]

Image: Facebook

Article written by

Imogen Searra