The Cape of Good Hope SPCA was called to assist in a heartbreaking and violent incident last week. A dog owner, whose pet was stabbed and left for dead, made contact with the organisation after he found his pet gravely wounded.

Roxy the dog was found by her owner with a knife in her back, unable to move and waiting for help to arrive.

“Imagine being stabbed for no reason at all – or at least no reason that you could possibly understand. Imagine that you were unable to call for help for yourself. Imagine that all you could do was lie at your front door with a knife embedded to the hilt in your back, just hoping for help to come. This is what happened to Roxy,” said the SPCA in a Facebook post.

SPCA saves dog after stabbing by an unknown perpetrator
The knife that was found in Roxy’s back

“Fortunately for her, her owner knew about the work of the SPCA and he knew who he could call on for help,” they added.

Roxy was quickly taken to the SPCA’s animal hospital for treatment and thankfully was sent home to be reunited with her owner soon after.

SPCA saves dog who was stabbed and left for dead
Roxy arriving home

“We don’t know who stabbed Roxy or why but we know it’s highly likely that whoever did, will eventually direct their violent actions towards another animal or person,” said the SPCA.

When asked about the ability to get fingerprints from the knife, the SPCA responded saying that unfortunately the weapon had been contaminated by the time they arrived at the scene.

“This is what makes an investment in the work of the SPCA so much more than an investment in animal health and well being because while our efforts may be directed towards animal protection and rescue via education and punitive means, our work almost certainly results in kinder and safer communities for all to share,” they added.

SPCA saves dog who was stabbed and left for dead
Cadet Inspector Mark Syce came to Roxy’s rescue.

“Inspectorate Team members like Cadet Inspector Mark Syce, serve at the coal face of preventing cruelty to animals every single day. Thank an Inspector with a hoot or a wave when you see one on the road today.”

Image: Facebook / SPCA 

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