Several passers-by were witness to the horrid sight of two goslings being intentionally driven over in Cape Town on Friday afternoon.

Since then, the Cape of Good Hope (CoGH) branch of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has been working to trace the owner of the vehicle responsible for the death of the baby goslings.

Western Cape Department of Education media spokesperson Jessica Shelver witnessed the incident firsthand and took to social media to share the atrocity.

The post includes a video of the driver recklessly running over the animals.

“I just saw this heartless inhumane person kill two ducklings purposefully on the corner of Spin Street and Adderley Street – I say purposefully because we tried to stop him from driving off at the traffic light and he saw them and just drove over them! What a disgusting human!!!” Shelver said.

The post went viral, prompting the CoGH SPCA to respond to the cruel act.

It released a statement regarding the situation on social media.

“We are in the process of tracing the owner of the vehicle based on the car’s licence plates and also dispatched representatives to the site to attempt to retrieve the remains for post mortem purposes. Sadly the remains had already been disposed of and could not be found.”, the CoGH SPCA said in the statement.

Egyptian Geese can often be seen roaming the streets of the CBD. The CoGH SPCA reported that the incident happened at the intersection of Spin and Adderley Streets in town, when two adult geese and six goslings attempted to cross the road.

Eyewitnesses are being encouraged to contact the CoGH SPCA.

“We ask any other witnesses who saw this heinous display of disregard for and cruelty towards animals to please report their account of the events to the CoGH SPCA during office hours on 021 7004158/9, after-hours on 083 326 1604 or via email [email protected]

Picture: Facebook/Cape of Good Hope SPCA

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