Members of the public are being urged not to fall for puppy hawkers and to report them to SAPS instead as they are a matter for law enforcement.

Inspector Elani Graham was concerned for the welfare of two puppies when she was notified to two men selling them near the Bayside Mall in Tableview. Graham quickly took action and enlisted the help of the Table View South African Police Services (SAPS).

The sellers became aggressive and took off on foot, stuffing the innocent animals into material shopping bags. A manhunt ensued shortly after to catch the culprits.

“Fortunately, the police officers stopped two men walking along the R27 towards Atlantis and found the puppies inside their backpacks. The puppies were lethargic by this time and individuals who were in possession of them had no food or water on hand. They are now both safely in our care and have already been seen by our onsite veterinarian,” said the Cape of Good Hope SPCA on their Facebook page.
The puppies rescued thanks to the SPCA and SAPS.
According to the Cape of Good Hope SPCA, these felons rely heavily on animal-loving communities who will buy the puppies in order to save them from the terrible circumstances no matter the cost.
“Please do not be emotionally blackmailed. In spite of your best intentions, buying a puppy from a hawker perpetuates a cycle of abuse and cruelty. These individuals are likely to be breeding indiscriminately with no concern for their breeding females whose living conditions are comparable to puppy mills. Supporting their trade creates a market and the demand and supply economic factors are set into motion,” urges the SPCA.
Residents are being encouraged to instead report puppy hawkers on sight to Law Enforcement on 0215961999 or the SPCA on 0217004158/9 with a full description of the location of the hawkers.
If you are able to describe the clothing they are wearing and what they look like it is also helpful.
“We extend our heartfelt thanks to Sergeant Barnard of Table View SAPS, to the person who reported the incident and the members of the public who helped look for the puppy sellers,” added the SPCA.
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