The EFF have continued their protest action, this time making sure the Clicks store located at the V&A Waterfront closed for trading. At around 1.20pm on Monday about 15-20 members in red berets descended on the store, toyi-toying  until the manager shut the doors to customers.

The political party vowed to shut down Clicks stores across South Africa following an advert by the retailing giant that portrayed black and ethnic hair as “dry and damaged”, while the hair of white models was referred to as “normal”.

According to eye witness reports, there were approximately 15 to 20 EFF members at the Waterfront, and the party had put up a sign that read: “URGENT NOTICE. Due to our racist advert that portrayed black people’s hair as inferior tho those of white people’s hair, the store is temporarily closed until further notice.”

They entered the store and forced management to close the doors. They were shortly thereafter removed from the store, and they continued their protest outside the doors, while shoppers watched.

The EFF has made their way to several stores across the country, and a Witbank store has reportedly been petrol bombed during the protests on Monday morning. The store in Goodwood had to be closed as well because of the disruption.

One EFF protestor said they will return to the same store tomorrow to see if they were open.

“We can confirm that approximately 20 members of the EFF arrived at the V&A Waterfront today and made their way to the Clicks store. SAPS was on site and the situation was closely monitored by V&A security. However the protesters were peaceful and the situation was calm throughout. After making a public address, the EFF members dispersed peacefully. The store closed at approximately 1.45pm and will remain closed for the rest of the day as a precautionary measure,” V&A Waterfront’s head of operations André Theys said via a statement.

Staff leave Waterfront Clicks during EFF protest

Staff leave Waterfront Clicks during EFF protest

Staff leave Waterfront Clicks during EFF protest


“Its a national problem, they know,” one EFF member told Cape Town Etc.

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