Eskom has announced that it will implement Stage 2 loadshedding at midday on Thursday [January 14] until Sunday night. The power utility made the announcement via a tweet and said loadshedding will run for four days, starting at 12pm on Thursday through to Sunday at 11pm.

The loadshedding is necessary due to loss of generation capacity overnight,” said Eskom in a statement.

“Loadshedding is also required to manage the use of the emergency reserves, which will help us contain the stage of loadshedding required. The system remains vulnerable and unpredictable,” they added.

They indicated that stage of loadshedding could escalate at short notice if there are any further breakdowns.

Last week, the country experienced Stage 2 loadshedding for two nights.

The latest round of blackouts is due to two generation units at the Kusile Power Station tripping – this happened because of a failure of the main coal feed conveyor belts, which supply the generation units with coal.

Two more units tripped at Kriel and Duvha due to unforeseen breakdowns. Four generation units are out of service and their return from planned maintenance has been delayed.

Following Eskom’s announcement, the City of Cape Town said it will look at its generation capacity and will provide the customers reliant on city-supplied electricity with updates as soon as possible.

Residents are asked to use electricity sparingly. Visit for tips to save electricity and follow load shedding developments on

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