A high spring tide of approximately 1.92 meters is expected to hit Milnerton Beach this weekend as a result of exceptionally strong winds. The City has advised its residents to steer clear of the beach this weekend.

The City’s Recreation and Parks Department is anticipating that the beach will be subject to further infrastructure damage if this prediction rings true.

“The public is reminded that, due to the hazardous conditions created by the recently damaged infrastructure and the extremely dangerous sea conditions expected this weekend, the beach at Milnerton will remain closed in the interest of public safety,” the City said.

The department is in the process of establishing a safe public access point at Milnerton Beach, and will be reopened once work to the public access point has been completed. Gabion baskets are to be removed and replaced.

Residents have had to access Milnerton Beach from Lagoon Beach or Sunset Beach until a safer temporary access is established to get to the beach.

“The City will monitor the situation closely and will undertake all necessary measures to ensure public safety as its main priority, both during and after the high seas,” the City said.

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